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Mhairi McGregor

Mhairi McGregor was born in Paisley in 1971. She studied under and was greatly influenced by James Robertson and Barbara Rae at Glasgow School of Art, graduating with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art in 1993.

Throughout her career, McGregor has travelled extensively, painted and exhibited in Europe, Australia, Canada and the USA, as well as finding constant inspiration in her native Scotland. She has lived and worked for various lengths of time in Italy, France, Spain, the USA, Canada and, favourite of all, Australia.

Collections include the Royal Scottish Academy, Fleming Holdings and Aberdeen University as well as private collections in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Germany and Portugal.

Mhairi McGregor artist portrait

Art & Contemporary Art

John Lowrie Morrison

John Lowrie Morrison, or Jolomo as he is also known, is one of Scotland’s best loved artists. He is internationally famous for his powerful and vibrant landscapes of the west coast of Scotland and the Hebridean islands. This work is collected by celebrities such as Sting and Madonna and he was listed in The Sunday Times as number 10 in their list of Scotlands’s greatest ever artists.

Born in 1948 in Maryhill, Glasgow, John studied art at Glasgow School of Art from 1967-1971. He then went on to undertake postgraduate studies at Glasgow School of Art in 1971-1972 and then a Diploma in Education in 1972-1973. For more than 25 years John pursued a successful career in art education from his base in Argyll, West Scotland, rising to Principal Teacher of Art at Lochgilphead High School and Art Adviser to Strathclyde Region.

Giving up his teaching career to paint full time in 1997, John has successfully exhibited his work in solo and mixed exhibitions at numerous galleries in Scotland, England, Hong Kong and the USA. His spectacular career has been captured in film, in the DVD “I Know Where I am Going” by Mitchell Mcglone and the BBC TV Film, “A Man With the Golden Brush” and in the books “The Colour of Life” and “Jolomo – Retrospective”. John frequently features in the media, most recently on the television programmes “Blethering Scots” and “Elizabeth Queen of Scots”.

John donates a percentage of his sales to charity and makes significant donations of art work to charity each year. In 2005 John established The Jolomo Foundation, a charitable body aimed at promoting and encouraging the painting of the Scottish landscape.  In 2011 he was awarded an OBE for services to art and to charity in Scotland.

We are delighted to feature a series of eight paintings by Jolomo as part of our “Focus” series of exhibitions at Watermark Gallery from 17-29 February 2024. This exhibition is in partnership with the Walker Galleries.

John Lowrie Morrison (Jolomo), artist in his studio


Emily Kidson

Emily Kidson is known for her use of wood and laminate with precious metals. Sensitive use of colour is central to her work and is the backdrop to a minimal, modern aesthetic with areas of intricate detail.  Industrial cities and canal sides are particular influences, from tapered chimneys and pottery kilns to barge and water towers.

Emily has come back to making after a career as an art librarian. Her use of laminate started when she discovered it as samples in the Materials Collection at Central Saint Martins library in 2013.

Laminate is paper and resin formed under extremely high pressure. Emily uses the brand Formica which you may be used to seeing on table tops and kitchens. It can have quite a mid-century modern feel and the colour doesn’t fade. The wood Emily uses is walnut, the silver is sterling (925) and larger pieces are hallmarked at the London Assay Office. Emily also uses resin, paint and Keum Boo in some pieces to add extra areas of colour and detail.

Based in London with a studio at Cockpit Arts, Emily regularly exhibits at many prestigious events both nationally and overseas, including Goldsmith’s Fair and MAD in the USA.

Emily Kidson artist portrait.


Lucy Bromilow

Lucy Bromilow is a Cambridge based potter who is inspired by sea and surrounding landscapes. Lucy’s journey began when she taught herself how to use a pottery wheel at University. She then dedicated the next year into growing her ceramics business ‘Wolimorb Ceramics’. Lucy throws all her pots on a wheel using a stoneware clay. Once dry, Lucy decorates with slip and then completes the pots first firing. After their first firing, she dips them in a glaze and fires the pots for a second time.


Lucy Bromilow artist portrait

Art & Contemporary Art

Harry Brioche

Harry was born in the Seychelles in 1965 to American and Creole parents. He enjoyed an idyllic childhood rich with adventure and the freedom that came with island life. However, in 1977 a Coup d’etat forced his family to flee their home. Harry’s family eventually settled in England in 1980 where they embraced a new country and culture far removed from his childhood. He now lives happily in Cheshire with his wife Catherine and their two young sons.
Harry undertook formal art training at Maidstone College of Art but considers himself self-taught as he was forced to leave the institution when he wouldn’t conform to their style and methods. A brave decision to go it alone led to a highly successful career as an illustrator and graphic designer. Harry launched his own company, ‘Tom Dick and Harry’, and worked with global brands including Dr.Martens, Coca Cola and BAE systems.

A passion for the beauty and drama of his adopted home is evident in Harry’s majestic paintings which capture landscapes that are in sharp contrast to the Seychelles. The constantly changing British skies are a key component of Harry’s work, resulting in breath-taking, expansive paintings. It’s no surprise that Harry’s beautiful work now hangs in private and corporate collections around the world.

Harry’s work is highly regarded by his peers in the art world and is regularly selected to feature in NEAC, ROI and the RBA annual exhibitions at the Mall Gallery in London. A fitting riposte to the inflexible demands of his art tutors all those years ago!

Harry Brioche Artist Image


David Morris

David Morris (1937-2018) was born in Knaresborough and studied painting and printmaking at Harrogate School of Art, continuing his studies in painting and sculpture at the Slade in 1959. After graduating he began part-time teaching the foundation course at Bradford College of Art. In 1963 he was employed as the full-time printmaking teacher at Harrogate College of Art.

Once David had retired from teaching he concentrated on his own work as a painter and printmaker. Etching was his preferred method, particularly aquatint.  The North Yorkshire coast and landscape provided much of his subject matter. In 2012 David’s work was purchased by the House of Lords.

Art & Contemporary Art

Ruth Ander

After completing a BA (Hons) in Illustration at the University of the West of England, Ruth has continued to evolve and hone her unique monoprint technique. She has continued to develop her work at Spike Print Studio in Bristol, making variable editions of dry-point etchings and relief prints.

Early in her career she was shortlisted for the Emerging Artist award at the Royal West of England Academy Open exhibition and won the Society of Graphic Fine Art’s Best Work in Colour. Ruth has gone on to have work exhibited in prestigious print exhibitions at the Atkinson Gallery in Somerset, The Shire Hall in Stafford and in open competitions at well-regarded venues such as the RWA.

In recent years I’ve taken part in a year long print residency at the University of the West of England’s print department and a group residency at Lizard Point in Cornwall resulting in exhibitions in London and Helston.


Ruth describes her inspiration as follows:

‘My inspiration is landscape, nature and light- often in North Somerset, the Severn Estuary, Dorset and Wiltshire- the places I know and love best, but also sometimes far away places I’ve travelled to. My motivation is to express the way I feel about these places- they move me and I want to move others.’

Ruth Ander Artist Portrait


Sarah Packington

Sarah Packington designs, and hand makes colourful dyed acrylic jewellery in her studio in Brighton. She studied Wood, Metal, Ceramics and Plastics BA (hons) at Brighton Polytechnic, graduating in 1991. Her shapes and colours of her ‘Weave’, ‘Seed’ and ‘Grid’ collections are inspired by mid-century textile designers such as Lucienne Day and Joanne Groag. She loves their joyful shapes and colour combinations. The black graphic shapes with a pop of colour of Sarah’s ‘Balance’ collection reflect the influence of abstract artists including Mondrian and Miro.

Sarah’s 2022 ‘Stack’ collection is her response to the ‘Family of Man’ sculptures of artist Barbara Hepworth. Curving forms, etched lines, and holes are elements used in the construction of the pieces.

Sarah endeavours to push the boundaries of what can be done with her chosen material. She experiments with textured surface patterns and innovative ways of joining components. Many of her designs have hand etched lines on clear acrylic which is dyed and polished back to reveal the coloured pattern. Sarah uses a laser cutter or bandsaw to cut out shapes from sheet acrylic, and hand makes all ear wires in silver.  All designs are highly finished to give a precious feel.

Read more about Sarah Packington here.

Sarah Packington, jewellery at her bench in Brighton

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