Detail, Bud Vase by Gordon Broadhurst, stoneware


Gordon Broadhurst

Gordon Broadhurst is a practising designer-maker working in the field of Ceramics with over 45 years of experience including teaching Ceramics and 3-D Design in Further and Higher Education.

His current work involves the production of functional, decorative items that are wheel-thrown, slip-cast and press-moulded in stoneware and porcelain clays.

His studio is located in the peaceful grounds of a Country House estate in North Yorkshire near the village of West Tanfield. He uses the local environment, landscape and mineral resources as well as his observations of the local flora and seasonal changes as sources of inspiration for ideas that he incorporates into his ceramics.

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Throughout Gordon’s career, he has also been inspired by a variety of cultural and historical sources. These often present themselves as recurring themes and points of reference that inform his functional and decorative work. Other important sources which intrigue him can be found in objects from past eras. Gordon is drawn to historical artefacts made by unnamed artisans which demonstrate a mastery of their craft, elegant design and a high level of technical skill. These are the qualities that he appreciates and which he endeavours to achieve within his own designs.

He seeks to create a harmonious relationship between form, surface treatment and utility in his work. He enjoys the challenge and excitement he gets from experimenting with new surface finishes and firing techniques and continues to explore new ways to express ideas.

He loves making bowls, platters, vases, flower containers, lidded containers and tea sets. Decoration is a very important element of his design practice which varies greatly in technical difficulty from jewel-like reduced lustre glazes to multi-glaze tube-lined decoration and very simple, understated oriental–style glazes.

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