Meadow Bird II by Jennifer Tetlow, Sandstone


Jennifer Tetlow

Jennifer Tetlow is a professional stone sculptor who works from her studio in Lastingham, near Pickering on the edge of the North York Moors.

Completely self taught, Jennifer was initially introduced to stone sculpture when she met some quarrymen working nearby. She fell in love with the sound of the hammer and chisel on stone, the rhythm of their working and the sheer skill of their craft. This resulted in her buying a set of tools and starting her own love affair with carving and stone.

Although very much an original artist at work, Jennifer cites being inspired by well known British sculptor, David Nash RA. She says “His words ‘Whatever the material, speak it’ has a particular resonance with me as I do believe artists are inherently drawn to the material of their nature. I also like his connection to the environment, its elements and his idea of ‘tenderness’ in an artist’s work”.

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Jennifer’s bespoke collection for Watermark Gallery includes a range of succulent pots, planters and vases as well as her trademark quails and birds – all hand carved in Tetlow’s native Yorkstone. A love of wildlife and the natural world is very much at the heart of Jennifer’s work, along with a clear desire to capture the idiosyncracies of each creature in its simplest form.

Jennifer Tetlow workshop shot

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