Spotted platter by Rebecca Cottrell, stoneware


Rebecca Cottrell

Harrogate born Rebecca Cottrell is a professional ceramicist and educator. Having trained at the University of Essex (Southend Campus) Rebecca has enjoyed a career in education, teaching adults at Reading College and working in schools, using pottery therapeutically for children with learning difficulties.

Due to her husband’s work (Stephen Cottrell is the 98th Archbishop of York) Rebecca has lived in many places around the country and so her studio is usually set up in a garage! Nowadays she lives at Bishopthorpe Palace in York where she has a beautiful studio overlooking the River Ouse. Visits by arrangement are always welcome.

Having been brought up in Harrogate, just around the corner from Watermark Gallery, Rebecca is delighted to be returning to her roots. Although this course is about hand building, most of the pots Rebecca makes are on the wheel. Her work is exhibited in galleries in Yorkshire and Essex. She is also available for commissions.

Rebecca Cottrell in her studio

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