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Irena Kurowska

After obtaining a degree in Fine Art from Hull College Irena Kurowska studied art psychotherapy at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. For many years she worked in the NHS and privately as a therapist. Irena is now retired and enjoys having more time to paint.

I am drawn to the quiet moments in life and nature is my ideal subject. I love the beauty of flowers and the innate abstraction of nature’s patterns. I am delighted by both their tranquillity and playfulness. Sometimes my paintings focus on the sense of stillness and reflection in nature with a subtle soft aesthetic of muted colours. And sometimes I am attracted to the ornamental, colourful, blowsy exuberance which calls for more saturated and intense colour. Flowers with their colour, fragility, joyfulness and harmony embody so many different facets that I want to explore and express in my work.

I work from memory aided by sketches and photographs. My work is spontaneous and intuitive and process-led. Often a desire to explore the physicality of texture leads to repetitively obliterating and uncovering surface mark-making and i very much enjoy experimenting and following the way the paint leads me.

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Irena Kurowska in her garden

Art, Contemporary Art & Illustration

Lisa Stubbs

Lisa Stubbs is a Yorkshire-born illustrator of children’s books, an author and a printmaker with a background in graphic design.

After graduating from Batley School of Art, Lisa initially trained as a greeting card illustrator and her love of children’s illustration stemmed from creating cards, as well as designing toys and games for children.

More recently, Lisa has worked in book publishing; creating and illustrating picture books for young children. In 2014 ‘Lily and Bear’ was published to great reviews. A paperback edition is due to be published in April 2016 and the story is currently being developed into a stage production, with a follow up adventure expected in September 2016.

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Lisa’s work is inspired by her love of family life, children’s artwork, the hands on screen printing process and vintage children’s book illustration. She has been involved with the ‘Mr Benn to Miffy ‘ exhibition on Children’s book illustration at The Cooper Gallery in Barnsley and is regularly asked to run creative children’s workshops in schools and libraries.

Lisa Stubbs

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